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Project Gallery

A journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step. Pinkerton & Laws took that first step in 1955 with their first construction project, a service station in Downtown Atlanta, when Arthur Laws and Jack Pinkerton founded the company. Sixty (60) years later, and in excess of 1,000 projects, Pinkerton & Laws continues to operate with the same philosophy and values as captured in our mission statement:

Be the preferred provider in each of the niche markets we serve. Provide a level of product quality and service experience to our Clients such that we are not selected merely on price, but for long term value and our partnering approach.

Achieve an annual profit such that the company can attract and retain the best employees since our business is based on its people, the company as an entity, and its individuals, can give back to both the business community that provides the opportunities for us to work, and the environments in which our employees and their families live, and the shareholders can be amply compensated for their investment risk.

Pinkerton & Laws remains employee-owned in this day and age of public traded companies. This means Clients get direct principal involvement on each project and decisions are made at a local level. The value and trust that this approach builds with our Client base allows the company to negotiate the majority of their work.

Pinkerton & Laws treats the employees, subcontractors, vendors, and other business partners in much the same way. On all PL’s construction sites, safety and quality go hand-in-hand and are administered from the top down. The principals have a “zero tolerance” attitude towards safety infractions. Pinkerton & Laws strives to create an atmosphere where all workers are truly empowered to make a difference and look out for each other by taking safety to an individual level and that of their families. The result is a culture where we care for each other and want to work safely rather than being forced to.

Quality is typically defined by the obvious industry criteria such as complete adherence to plans and specifications and zero defects, but at Pinkerton & Laws, quality is part of our culture. From the way we construct our buildings, to the way we treat our Clients, both internally and externally, quality is something one must focus on daily. In the field and on your projects, quality starts on day one. In fact cleanliness, attention to detail, and safety mindedness are all companions of a quality delivery. Internally we promote a quality culture within our ranks where each individual is held to a professional standard and encouraged to continuously improve in all areas of our operations.

New Builds

Pinkerton & Laws is America’s Premier-Focused Service Hotel Builder:

  • We Know Hotels: Pinkerton & Laws built its first Hotel over 40 years ago in 1971. Now our hospitality portfolio includes over 34,000 guestroom units, among 300 plus Hotel projects that consist of all of the major franchise brands.
  • We Have the Brand Knowledge: Through decades of building Hotels, we have developed strong relationships with many of the franchise brand managers and are regularly consulted in the research and development of new flag generations and product lines. These relationships are an invaluable resource in working though “issues” that may come into play on your project.
  • Vast Cost Database: Over 3 billion dollars of Hotel estimates on every type of construction allow us to provide unparalleled conceptual pricing you can rely on to know your pro forma will work, and have confidence when speaking with lenders. This allows much quicker delivery times because we can “lock in” the price much sooner than most contractors.
  • Recognized Experts: Our executives are asked to frequently serve on brand and industry panels and speak to their developer and designers. We are the “go to guys” for many brands.

Pinkerton & Laws is one of the most experienced builders in the Southeast and is nationally recognized as a leader in “Unit” Construction. With offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida, we provide a TEAM of Experts to meet the expanding needs of our Clients. Here are just a few reasons MultiFamily Developers choose to build with Pinkerton & Laws:

  • We built this job or many just like it. Our portfolio includes over 5,000 units of MultiFamily, Assisted Living and Retirement Communities.
  • Company stability means confidence during uncertain economic times. Pinkerton & Laws is an employee-owned company with a 60 year legacy in the Southeast. Our financial strength and bonding capability compare favorably to companies much larger in size.
  • Proven and efficient Financial Risk Management processes.
  • Detailed and effective Cost Accounting Systems.
  • A culture of Quality Control and Safety throughout the TEAM.
  • A punch list process which rewards all TEAM members for efficiency.

For 60 years, Pinkerton & Laws has always viewed ourselves as a partner on every project since the company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1955 by Jack Pinkerton and Arthur Laws. Their philosophy of value and service has permeated our business practices ever since, and our Clients know that no one will be more responsive to their needs than we are.

Through-out the project, we make quality an agenda item at every meeting. We construct mock-ups of critical assemblies, conduct pre-activity meetings when new subcontractors are introduced onto the job, and strive for zero defects at the conclusion. Pinkerton & Laws may be the only construction service company with an in-house water intrusion specialist who reviews details well before they are faced in the field, maintains relationships with many of the key building envelope vendors, and frequently reviews progress during construction. We have also developed start-up and check procedures and have them in place for most common building systems.

Although Pinkerton & Laws specializes in a number of niche markets, we are notably the pre-eminent Hotel Builder in the Southeast and in the U.S. for our size, with over 34,000 units and 300 plus Hotels in our portfolio. We cover the Southeast with our offices in Atlanta and Orlando. We currently hold licenses in the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.  We have worked in over 18 states of building long-term relationships rather than one-off buildings, and to being a genuine TEAM player on our projects.