About Pinkerton & Laws

Company Overview

Pinkerton & Laws is among the largest select service hospitality builders in the country and nationally recognized as a leader in “multi-unit” construction; yet we maintain a well-balanced and diverse portfolio consisting of multifamily, retail, senior living, assisted living, renovations of both hospitality and retail, along with many other commercial projects. With offices in Atlanta and Orlando, Pinkerton & Laws brings a diverse scope of services to our Clients that are unmatched in the industry.

Pinkerton & Laws is an employee-owned corporation which believes in providing a level of product quality and service experience to Clients such that we are not merely selected on price but for long term value and partnering approach. We take great pride in our high percentage of repeat Clients and on-going relationships built over several decades. Our philosophy of value, integrity, and customer service has always been uppermost in our business practices for 65 years, and our Clients know that no one will be more responsive to their needs than we are.

What our clients have to say.

Here are just a few of the many reasons Developers choose to Build with Pinkerton & Laws:


We have 65 years of building history and one of the deepest and most experienced benches in the business.

The Right Size:

Pinkerton & Laws is not a large impersonal corporate entity. We are large enough to provide depth at all levels, yet nimble enough to have relationships with many subcontractors and vendors that are not available to most large general contractors.


We provide design-build and design-assist services to help our Clients to minimize cost, maximize efficiency, reduce future maintenance, and expedite project completion.

Water Intrusion Management:

We place a strong emphasis on the water-tightness and durability of the building envelope systems. We are one of the few General Contractors to have a Water Intrusion Specialist full-time on the company roster. Our program has proven to minimize, if not mitigate risk by taking measures to prevent building leaks and safe guard against mold and mildew.

Quality Control: 

Pinkerton & Laws maintains a disciplined and regimented Quality Control Program. We establish the standards of quality on each project through a series of interior and exterior mock ups. Our program sets the quality tone early rather than the “catch it on the punch list” mentality.

Risk Management:

There is no greater risk to the Owner’s investment than the construction risk. It is our belief that effective risk management is one of the most important roles in our responsibility as the general contractor. We have had a 20-year relationship with our surety company and are ranked in their top 5% of general contractors for performance history and financial stability.