Pinkerton & Laws is in the process of expanding the existing Walmart store from 115,781 square feet to 170,859 square feet. The expansion is to include a full service grocery store, general merchandise area, and an upgraded garden center. The new parking area, on the north side of the building will include lighting, landscaping, and parking area. The existing site lighting will be replaced with LED luminaires on 25 foot poles to insure that site lighting meets current code requirements. Pedestrian zone landscaping adjacent to the new construction will also be upgraded. Additional landscape improvements will be made throughout the site where practical and a new irrigation system will be installed to conserve water.

The architecture and exterior colors of the this remodeled and expanded Walmart store will complement the existing building architecture and colors along N. University Drive. The exterior features include two covered entrances with new benches, trash receptacles and planters, a flag pole, new screening and ornamental iron fencing at the garden center, decorative metal awnings, along with smooth and split face block with earth tone colors. A new truck court with four (4) loading bays, a new compactor, and bale and pallet storage area are included at the rear of the building. Additional architectural elements are included on the sides and rear of the building to break up the facade and parapet line and replicate windows.

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